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Your stylish new breastfeeding clothes wardrobe

Our luxurious, sustainable, everyday Tencel™ t-shirt allows you to feed freely and easily. The deep side slits mean you can just pull up and go. Wear over your favourite nursing vest or high waisted leggings or jeans for a cooler feel. Our Tencel™ fabric is super soft with a natural stretch – no more yanking your clothes out of shape. It can be washed time and time again and retain its silky feel and needs minimal ironing. Lay it flat to dry and you might even get away with not having to iron it at all. Result!

Whether you’re out having coffee with friends, doing a baby yoga class, or chilling at home with your baby – all you need to do is lift and go.

Feel comfortable, feed with ease, and look fab doing it. Our t-shirts have you covered.


Breastfeeding Clothes

Sustainable fabric – no nasties!

We know sustainability is important to you; it’s important to us, too. That’s why after extensive research into fabric options, I decided that Tencel™ was the best fabric for our t-shirts.

Tencel™ fibres are extracted from the wood pulp of trees that are grown and replaced on sustainably managed forests. Tencel is produced in an environmentally responsible closed-loop production process using a non-toxic organic solvent. The resulting flexible fibre is renowned for its exceptional softness.

As seen on you!

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Aw we love to see our customers wearing & feeding in our t-shirts and we really value your opinion & feedback 💜

Use the #iamafeedingmother to share your pics with us if you are comfortable doing so 🤱🏻💙🤱🏼💖🤱🏽

Hope you all had a great weekend x


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“…softest fabric ever”- @evannertesport

🌳Our t-shirts are made from a beautifully soft fabric called Tencel TM. Tencel comes from the wood pulp of trees that are grown in sustainably managed forests. (Closed loop manufacturing process ✅ biodegradable ✅)

I remember feeling really hot after giving birth and this fabric has a lovely cooling effect on the skin. In fact it’s not only softer than cotton but it’s more breathable too due to it’s very small fibres which are also anti-bacterial. Did I mention it can withstand repeat washing and is hard to crease?! 💚

Empowering women to feed easily and freely is at the forefront of our easy access T-shirt design.

Grab your breastfeeding wardrobe hero piece now for the superwoman that you are 🦸🏻‍♀️💜🤱🏼

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This biodegradable fabric is more breathable than cotton, it has anti-bacterial properties, can withstand repeated washing and it’s wrinkle resistant making it a breastfeeding wardrobe hero piece for the superwoman that you are. 🦸🏻‍♀️🤱🏼

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Since I started this adventure I have worked with some amazing women who as it turned out were also breastfeeding! (Such a happy coincidence!) I have to say it has really inspired me to keep going with what I'm doing and hopefully the breastfeeding rates in Ireland are on the up x Big shout out to Meg who created my wonderful logo, Béibhinn who helped me with an initial pattern for a vest and Claire who helped with a tricky embroidery challenge.
Megnificent Creative
The Design House
CLS Screen Printing & Embroidery

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We love hearing what you think so keep the reviews coming and don't forget to use the hashtag #iamafeedingmother to be featured!


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The must have t-shirt for your breastfeeding wardrobe ! How will you wear yours? Use the #iamafeedingmother to be featured.

⚡️Fuss free feeding ✅
⚡️Luxuriously soft ✅
⚡️Sustainable + Made in Ireland ✅

T-shirt can be worn time and time again. A motherhood staple 🎉

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